Our school and method: Tai Chi Chuan BH/MG

The style yang of Tai Chi Chuan was transmitted via the lineage of Dong Yingjie (tung Ying Chieh), who is known throughout the world as the most talented disciple of Yang Cheng fu.

Our school, Shenlin Society of London, has maintained the same high standards of teaching.

The instructor, Luciana Maia (in the photo), studied for 8 years at Shenlin Society of London, and having recognised the value of tradition, has been promoting the art with the same seriousness as her Teacher

It  seeks stillness in movement and is a dynamic art form of continuous, circular, flowing and ever changing movements rather like water .Tai  Chi Chuan is a series of patterns or postures which make the whole body work using at the same time strength and gentleness. Like floating clouds and flowing water , following the same principles and philosophies Ying- Yang.

 If properly executed, Tai Chi Chuan is a high form of Chigong (qigong) and therefore an excellent all round health promoting activity.

Tai Chi is not an “esoteric” practise or a philosophy of life. It must be practised by those who enjoy physical exercises and are looking for an alternative to western methods. The benefits come from persistent training and consistency.

Contrary to what many people think, Tai chi is an excellent exercise for keeping in shape and strengthening the muscles, as well as preventing  arthritis ,heart  conditions, circulation and back  problems.

It helps with posture and back problems, strengthens the functioning of internal organs and prevents repetitive strain syndrome.

Various psychological benefits can be observed: Tai Chi Chuan helps combat stress related illnesses such as depression, anxiety and insomnia. It promotes better concentration and tranquillity. The awareness of movement and breathing stimulates at the same time body and energy for a balanced healthy life.